Lawyer who said he had cancer says he’s back

By Emily DavenportA lawyer who said that he had leukemia has been cleared by doctors and has been in the courtroom for almost two years.

Richard Kagan has been an active court-appointed lawyer for more than 20 years, and has represented clients such as the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and many others.

Kagan was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and has spent the last two years fighting for his health.

He is scheduled to go on trial again on March 8.

He has said he is no longer able to work, has been unable to pay his bills, and can’t even travel outside the state.

Karen Pfeifer, a spokeswoman for the Florida Bar, told The Associated Press last week that Kagan had successfully been cleared of cancer by a team of medical experts, and he would not be going to trial again.

Pfeifer said Kagan is no more at risk of recurrence than any other Florida lawyer, and the state does not require that he be on a chemo regimen for a year.

The bar has agreed to pay Kagan’s legal bills, but PfeIF said Kagin would still have to pay the state for its health care costs.

She said Kagen has had no other issues.PFEIF said she has no further comment.

Florida Bar officials have said KAGN has been the state’s top lawyer since 2006.

The Associated Statesman reported in March that KAGNs top staff included a lawyer with a history of breast cancer, a woman who was once pregnant with his child and a former law student.

In 2014, the state said it was investigating a complaint filed by KAGn’s law firm that it had discriminated against a gay male client.

The man claimed KAGnen, his partner, and a partner in another firm made a false claim about his medical needs, including that he was not going to have cancer.

The state then sued the firms partners and two former colleagues.KAGN had no comment when contacted by AP.AP writer David Ewalt contributed to this report.

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