Traffic lawyer defends traffic stops

A traffic lawyer is defending a traffic stop that she says was unfairly conducted by a law enforcement officer.

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Lawyers for the two women say they are fighting a lawsuit filed against them by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office over a 2011 traffic stop.

The woman, identified in court papers as Diane Dejak, says she was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding while driving from a party in Tempe to the city of Phoenix.

The Arizona Attorney’s Office says she did not comply with a court order to exit her vehicle, and the trooper then used a “stop, detain, arrest” technique that involved using a Taser on her.

The women say the stop was unwarranted, and that they were not being arrested for any crime.

The lawsuit also claims the trooper made false statements about what he saw and did during the stop.

A spokeswoman for the Arizona attorney general’s office said the lawsuit was filed in the case of a traffic ticket, and was being handled by the attorney general.

The office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dejak says in the lawsuit that the trooper pulled her over after she failed to stop when she crossed the median.

She says he then made two traffic stops on the way to her home, but she says she complied with those stops and stopped the next time he tried to pull her over.

DeJak says the officer told her he smelled marijuana on her, and she said she told him she had a small amount of marijuana in her vehicle.

Dejeak says she said that to get the trooper to stop her, she threw up her hands and began to cry.

She said the trooper later told her she would have to leave the scene, but he then arrested her for the violation.

De Jeak says that as she was being handcuffed, she told the trooper that she had marijuana in the car.

She was released after the trooper was satisfied she was not smoking it.

DeJeak says when she asked him why he had pulled her out of her car, the trooper told her that he did not believe she was intoxicated.

She then called 911.

The case is pending in court.

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