Why is this lawyer so smart?

The case of Brittany Clark, the woman who claims she was raped by her lawyer, has made headlines around the world.

The trial is being held in the High Court in Sydney and is expected to last two weeks.

Ms Clark has been charged with sexually assaulting two women over the course of two decades.

She claims her alleged victims were forced to perform oral sex and had sex with her in the back of a car.

The case has sparked an international debate on sexual assault, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women.

Ms Justice Peter Smith described the case as “one of the most serious cases in Australian history” and said Ms Clarks behaviour was “reprehensible”.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this case will have a major impact on our society in terms of the culture of respect and the attitudes of those who seek to have the most respect for women,” she said.

“This case has already demonstrated that there are issues that need to be addressed in Australia and I am confident that these issues will be addressed.”

Ms Clords alleged attack started after she met Mr Clarks at a Sydney bar and he introduced her to his friend.

Mr Clark allegedly asked Ms Clars friends to take her to a nearby pub for a drink and to discuss her problems.

Ms Smith said MsClarks alleged victim was not sexually assaulted.

MsClark’s lawyer, Stephen Ellis, has argued she has not consented to the sexual assault allegations against her.

Mr Ellis has argued that Ms Clacks claim that she consented was not accurate and that she was forced to engage in the alleged assault by her alleged attacker.

“Ms Clark’s version of events is very different to that of Ms Clardy,” Mr Ellis said.

Mr Moore said Ms Ellis’s claims were “unsubstantiated”.

“The way the case is presented, the way the evidence is presented is not consistent with Ms Clack’s version,” he said.

Ms Ellis told the ABC that her client’s lawyer has not been present at the trial and was unavailable to answer questions.

Mr Justice Smith said there was “no doubt in our mind” Ms Clady was raped.

“We accept the evidence of Mr Ellis that Ms Jones has been subjected to coercion, duress and abuse in this case,” she added.

Ms Jones told the court that she did not know the lawyer’s name.

Ms Moore said he has “taken the case on himself”.

She said Ms Jones had not been interviewed by police and has not spoken to the media.

She said she had no reason to believe the case would change her mind.

Ms Kluge said she did “not know” whether Ms Clarcks alleged victim has reported the alleged attack to police.

“It’s not something that we want to get involved in.

It’s something that I would think a victim would do and a lawyer would do,” she told the Nine Network.

Ms Clare’s lawyer also told the tribunal the case had raised issues about sexual harassment in the workplace.

“What happened in this particular case is extremely serious and I think that it is absolutely right that the accused lawyer should be prosecuted for the offences that were committed,” she alleged.

The lawyer also alleged that Ms Kluges actions had not led to any adverse impact on the lawyer.

“Mr Kluge’s actions have been wholly unacceptable and I would expect a very high level of professionalism and decency from him,” she wrote.

“I would also expect that he would act with the utmost restraint.”

The tribunal heard that Ms Clare had been sexually assaulted by her partner, and that it had “been a significant trauma for her”.

Ms Klugs lawyer also said Ms Clare did not complain to police because she had “no intention of doing so”.

“I am not aware that Ms C’s alleged victim did, in fact, complain to any police authorities,” she stated.

“There are many things that are not necessarily reported to police.”

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