How to Find the Best Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyer Casey Anthony is a case study in how the internet has changed the way people find their way to a corporate lawyer.After the tragic death of her father in 2013, Anthony moved to California and began working on her own cases.She has become one of the best-known corporate lawyers in the country, with […]

How to get an Australian to deport you

How to deport an Australian on the grounds of being a refugee or asylum seeker is often a bit tricky.And the process is rarely quick.In fact, the process can be very long, and the consequences can be significant.But if you’re a lawyer, it’s your duty to explain it to them, because they may not have […]

How a new tax lawless lawless tax lawyer is getting rich

A lawless, lawless and lawless attorney is getting wealthy.In fact, a lawless lawyers office in Arizona has been collecting $2.2 million a year, and the Arizona Republic reported that in 2016 alone, the office collected more than $5 million from its clients.“I know it’s not easy for law students and tax attorneys to make it […]

What’s your free lawyer consultation?

Free lawyer consultation is a new concept for businesses and consumers, and we want to give you a chance to learn more about it.Free lawyer consultations are free, and it’s easy to sign up for one.Here’s everything you need to know.Read more…Read more »

Lawyers sue for $25M after cat’s death

A cat killed by a lawyer’s car accident was left for dead by the owner, according to an attorney who sued for $2.5 million for the cat’s wrongful death.Richard M. Burch filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the attorney, David T. Wilson, alleging negligence, wrongful death and intentional infliction of emotional distress.Wilson has denied the claims.The […]

How to avoid bankruptcy lawyer scams

Bankruptcy lawyers who are paid to represent clients can also become the target of scams, according to the lawyers’ guild.Judges, lawyers and other employees in the United States and around the world are being paid by companies to represent their clients, and some of them use the legal services of a lawyer to do so, […]

Average lawyer salary in US, 2018

Average lawyer salaries in the United States increased slightly in 2018 to $102,000, according to data from was up from $100,000 in 2017, but still below the average $117,000 average.The average US lawyer made $107,500 in 2018.